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Good agents are hard to find and even harder to keep. CallQueues can’t help you find them, but it can help you develop and keep them.

More Calls + Collecting Good Data = Greater Success

More Calls

Using the AutoDialer Agents make more calls per hour this is because the system:

  • •  Autodials direct from the database
  • •  No engaged tone ever heard. If a number is engaged the system reschedules that call for 15 minutes time and moves on.
  • •  Does not call TPS numbers more than once (can be confirmed by supervisor)
  • •  No time required to find and manage notes


A paper system with a manual dialler will allow an agent to make around 100-150 calls per day. With CallQueues this rises to 350 to 400 calls per day!


Better calls

  • •  Numbers are linked to Agents so they soon build a database of ‘their’ clients maximising their hit rate and rewards!
  • •  CallQueues reschedules calls efficiently  to maximise these most effective calls.


Appointment Manager

If your objective is to make appointments for representatives CallQueues deals with all aspects of this quickly. Again reducing the time it takes for the Agent to make that appointment!

  • •  CallQueues has a built in appointment making function with Diary
  • •  Available/possible appointments are clearly shown
  • •  Appointments are automatically checked for time/distance issues


Happier Agents

CallQueues makes Agents more efficient in a simple to use way. An agents job is stressful enough without complicating it. With CallQueues in place it’s very simple for them to get the most from the call data they are given and thereby get the rewards they deserve.


By making it simpler to succeed and achieve rewards you will see a marked improvement in staff retention, thereby noticeably increasing your return.