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More Calls by Agents + Great Control From Managers = Maximum Return


CallQueues is a one stop shop for all your needs. We can take care of everything from the phone system, to the Computer network, to the Software, to the overall support of your Solution.


So, if you need help, there’s just one number you need to call. No arguments about whether it’s a hardware or software problem. Just a concerted effort to solve any issues quickly and get you working again.


Efficient With Data

Good data is expensive and no matter what the source is never 100% accurate. CallQueues allow you to get the most from that data with feature to give you the following:

  • •  No duplication of Data
  • •  Full integration with TPS to remove duplicated calls
  • •  Correct data gathered and stored with each call
  • •  Contacts remain with same agent unless transferred for continuity


First Class Support

In the event of an issue your business needs to be up and running at full capacity in the shortest period of time. Never has there been an industry where it’s so clear that time is money. CallQueues offers you peace of mind by giving you:

  • •  Network Support from Microsoft Certified Engineers
  • •  Software support direct from program developers


Customised to match your business

The CallQueues software is designed to be both modular and customisable. The benefit is that the system can be easily focussed on your unique requirements. The core of CallQueues could be considered an off the shelf package with all the associated cost benefits of that; however the total solution in infinitely flexible, so you can have the benefits of a bespoke solution tailored to your needs.