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Managers need to be able to monitor activity, check data changes, manage Agents performance and perform many other functions as well. Processing the sheer volume of data required to do this effectively is extremely difficult.

Realtime Reports + Realtime Monitoring = Better Management

CallQueues makes all these tasks easier! It provides the following:

  • •  Real-time summary of agents activity
  • •  How many calls per person
  • •  How much new data taken
  • •  How many calls rescheduled
  • •  How many successful calls have been made
  • •  Real-time Call Monitoring
  • •  Call/Success Statistics
  • •  A complete Representatives Appointment Manager
  • •  Varied statistical  reports to identify problems through patterns of staff activity
  • •  A simple system for adding support documents available to the agents screens
  • •  A Training Database available for new staff
  • •  Call recording for later review or training assistance


CallQueues many features put control in the hands of the manager. You can clearly see:

  • •  Which agents are performing or which need further training
  • •  How Agents are allocating their time
  • •  How the Agents or the Team as a whole are doing with regard to targets
  • •  How many callbacks are being generated by agents


You can also manage your data better:

  • •  See how much new data is being taken
  • •  Check calls marked as TPS and if incorrect drop back into the data pool