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Good Representatives live for success. A diary full of good quality appointments, not too far apart is what they need to fire thier enthusiasm and give them the success they need.

More Appointments + Better Time Management = Greater Success

More Appointments

Using the AutoDialer Agents make moreappointments for Reps:

  • •  Higher call rate give more appointments made
  • •  Scheduled follow ups mean fewer oppotunities missed
  • •  Better service from the Agent means a better quality appointment for the Reps

A paper system with a manual dialler will allow an agent to make around 100-150 calls per day. With CallQueues this rises to 350 to 400 calls per day, and appointment number rise in a similar ratio.


Improved Journey Planning

  • •  CallQueues allows agents to book appointments directly onto a Reps Online Calendar
  • •  CallQueues stops agents from booking appointments too far apart to be practical
  • •  CallQueues stops agents from booking appointments at times reserved by the Reps or Managers


Online Diary

If you want to see what you are doing for the next week, or set aside some free time then CallQueues is a big help!

  • •  CallQueues has a built in Online Diary that can be editied by Agents AND Representatives helping communication
  • •  Available/possible appointments are clearly shown
  • •  Appointments are automatically checked for time/distance issues


Happier Representatives

Being able to manage their time and jouney effectively will make Representatives fell more a part of the team, add to their success and make them happier!