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January 2009
Tocca open another Call Centre
Following the success of the last distributed Call Centre Tocca are adding another...

January 2009
Sussex Marketing come on board
Sussex Marketing are adding a CallQueues centre to their arsenal...

November 2008
PropertyGuide adds Call Centre
Needing to approach all UK Estate Agents quickly PropertyGuide add a CallQueues Centre...

February 2009
Call Recording for CallQueues
Call recording is shortly to be added to CallQueues with calls easily recovered and played direct from the database....

C&A Healthcare
Since introducing CallQueues our productivity has more than doubled.
Since introducing CallQueues we can make twice as many calls with half the people. More than that we can see useful statistics to help with staff management. Web based Agent Calendars are...

Tocca Investments
CallQueues Multisite is perfect for interlinking our offices keeping our data centralised.
We find small decentralised offices are more pleasant and effective but centralised data and management are a must. CallQueues Multicentre was the perfect answer...
CallQueues has enabled us to reach our clients quickly and efficiently.
In the current housing market we needed the most efficient and reliable method of contacting our potential clientbase directly. CallQueues solved the problem for us.