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•  Network Design
CallQueues professional network engineers can look at your requirements and systems and create a robust and reliable network for your new software.

•  Network Installation.
Installed by Microsoft Certified Professionals we offer everything from cabling to server configuration. As always, a complete and effective solution.

•  CallQueues Installation
Our engineers install and test all your callqueues modules, integrating your business model into the system and training you to use the system to its best advantage.

•  CallQueues Customisation
CallQueues can be modified to match any unique requirements you have giving you a truly bespoke solution.

•  Telephone System Installation
CallQueues can install and configure your new telephone system to work in harmony with your network.

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CallQueues offer full support for your new software backed by the in depth knowledge of the system designers themselves.

Clients Say Software support has been invaluable, it has kept us up and running consistently.

This support has even covered how to get the best out of the statistics the system produces and use them effectively for management.

  • •  CallQueues Application Support.
  • •  SQL Database Support.
  • •  Manager Training Support.

You can feel secure knowing all aspects of your CallQueues Software is well supported.

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CallQueues offer a range of maintenance services designed to give you the peace of mind you need. How much would it cost to have your network not working for even a single day?

  • •  Loss of productive staff time
  • •  Delays in contacting potential clients
  • •  Appointments not being made in time
  • •  Delays in invoicing
  • •  Potential loss of new business
  • •  Critical Data Loss
CallQueues appreciate that time is quite literally money and therefore provide an all round service to minimise any risk to your business.
•  Well Qualified Service Engineers
To come to your rescue fully equipped to deal with the situation.
•  Range of Maintenance Agreements.
Fully customisable to meet your unique requirements.
•  Systems Analysis Service
To make sure you have the right systems, properly configured, to move your business forward.

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