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CallQueues: Maximise Your Return on Calls
CallQueues is a complete and effective solution for telemarketing companies of all types. Data and agents time are the two most precious things in a successful Call Centre. CallQueues allows you to get the best from both by gathering crucial information with each call and putting that information straight in the hands of the agent.


CallQueues is a complete solution for Call Centres. With a variety of essential features it maximises the return from you hard work.

CallQueues For Greater Returns.
  • Data is optimised and more economical
  • Call numbers are increased
  • Monitoring is vastly inmproved
  • Staff retention is improved
  • No Silent Calls
  • Well Supported

  • CallQueues offers a complete solution that covers every aspect of making a successful Call Centre. We understand your business and can provide everything from great software and hardware to full and friendly support.

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    CallQueues has benefits for everyone in your business, from the Agent making call to the Manager in the office, to the Representative on the road to the Directors themselves.

    Something For Everyone.
    Have a look at the sections for each business user and see for yourself what CallQueues can offer you. Its never been simpler to do more!

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    CallQueues is modular. You can configure your system to match your requirements, run on an exisiting network, talk to your own Telephone Exchange and so much more. Tailoring your system keeps costs down ans ensures the fastest possible ROI.

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    • •  CallQueues Dialer
    • •  CallQueues CallRecorder
    • •  CallQueues Multisite
    • •  CallQueues Network Solution
    • •  CallQueues Telephone Solution

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    Owner, CA Healthcare.
    Since starting with CallQueues we book twice as many appointments with fewer staff."

    Senior Agent at CA Healthcare.
    "If we stopped using CallQueues I would have to look for another job."

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